New The Matchmakers posters prove why Rowoon is now concentrating on acting

The Matchmakers poster with Rowoon — Courtesy KBS2

It is no wonder 27-year-old South Korean singer and actor Rowoon recently announced he will be halting activities with his boy band SF9 and concentrating on his acting career instead.

After all, when it comes to hot, young South Korean actors, you don’t get many who are much popular than Rowoon.

And now, after Rowoon’s recent and currently still ongoing role as Jang Shin Yu in the popular Netflix drama Destined with You, it also seems his new drama The Matchmakers will be another hit.

At least if the two just-released The Matchmakers posters are anything to go by.

After all, you don’t get many actors who look as gorgeous in historical costume as Rowoon, eh? And not many are as talented an actor either.

Cho Yi Hyun stars in The Matchmakers alongside Rowoon — Poster courtesy KBS2

What is The Matchmakers K-drama about?

The Matchmakers (known as혼례대첩 or ‘Wedding Battle’ in Korean ) is another KBS2 historical drama starring Rowoon that takes place in the Joseon era and, no, it is no surprise the young actor was cast in the lead role of Shim Jung Woo.

Nor that he has decided to concentrate on his acting career.

After all, his performance in his previous historical drama, KBS2’s The King’s Affection, was such a big hit producers must have been falling all over themselves to get him to star in their new historical project.

In The Matchmakers, Rowoon co-stars alongside Cho Yi Hyun (All of Us are Dead), with both actors playing widows who join forces to marry off the four young maidens who represent Joseon.

Of course, as you can probably predict, by the time they have finished marrying off the four young women, they may just be ready to plan their own marriage.

To each other.

The Matchmakers will premiere on KBS2 on October 30th, and air every Monday and Tuesday at 21:45 (KST) with Viki, reportedly, streaming the drama for international viewers.

I don’t know about you, but this one will be a “Must Watch” for me because, come on, it’s Rowoon.

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