New Trailers for Conchita Wurst and Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘A Coeur de la Nuit’ (Videos)

conchita wurst jean paul gaultier a couer


A few more video trailers have been uploaded to YouTube this week for the Conchita WurstJean Paul Gaultier A Coeur de la Nuit‘ documentary due to be aired in Austria on November 2nd, and they’re interesting.

There’s a short ‘teaser’ trailer with Conchita and Jean Paul asking people to be sure to watch the program when it airs, which is cute, as they genuinely look like they had a lot of fun together.

There’s also a clip showing a male pole dancer that’s quite amazing — the control and power he shows in some of his moves is, frankly, astounding, so it’s no wonder Conchita and Jean Paul seem impressed

The two even take a cable car across Vienna, and talk about Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion show — the one Conchita herself was in — and, funnily, it seems even the man himself couldn’t tell that Conchita was nervous when she walked the cat walk (as I said here, 99 percent of the people in the room couldn’t). She, however, admits she was.

Finally, the pair are at a design studio in Vienna where Conchita pins fabric onto a dummy as the basic design for a dress. Jean Paul holds the pins.

From all four clips, ‘A Coeur de la Nuit‘ is looking like it’s going to be fascinating, particularly as I would have expected Conchita to be nervous around Jean Paul Gaultier. But she more than held her own.

Interestingly too, up until Conchita started working with him, I was never enamoured of Jean Paul Gaultier as he always seemed a bit ‘stuck on himself’. But, thanks to Conchita, it looks like I was incorrect on that score as from what she says about him, and what I’ve seen of him myself in the last few months, he really does seem to be a lovely, lovely man. Particularly as he’s so wonderful with her.

Besides, as has now become evident to me, I judge many people by how nice or not nice they are to Conchita. And that’s absolutely fine, as I don’t think there’s a better way of deciding the character of a person than how they talk about or treat the lovely Ms. Wurst.

Watch the four video trailers below, and leave a comment in the box under them if you have something to say.


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