Nick Jonas is Single and Looking For a Girlfriend (Video)

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The extremely good-looking Nick Jonas is single, and looking for a girlfriend, at least if an interview with Ode is anything to go by.

Jonas was on the red carpet this weekend at the Radio One Teen Awards in London, where he told Ode he was suffering from jet lag but still loving being back in London.

As for being single, Jonas said, “Single life is different. It’s taking an adjustment. It’s taken a bit to get used to, but it’s all good”.

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When asked, “Are you loving it?”, he replied “Yeah, yeah”, and then when pushed to say if he would be “on the pull later” while out and about in London, he answered “I might be”.

Although, frankly, I’m not so sure he understood the British slang term “on the pull”, (will you be trying to find a girl) and was just being polite.

Jonas also said how happy he is with how well his debut solo album has done in the UK.

“It’s been special to see how far it’s come in just a year. Hopefully, I’ll continue to build on that, and I’m so thankful for so many people for their support”.

As for British fans, Nick Jonas says “They’re very passionate. Very loud. And they’re really kind of in tune with everything you’re doing. Some other territories, I feel, aren’t as in touch, but they’re on top of it here”.

Watch his Radio One Teen Awards red carpet interview in the video below.

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