Nielsen Korea has Oasis Episode 11 at 5th place nationwide and 4th place in Seoul

Korean Monday-Tuesday historical drama Oasis, Episode 11 ratings are out, with the show holding its own over last week’s episode.

Nielsen Korea reports Oasis Episode 11 earning 6.9 percent of the audience, putting it in fifth place nationwide.

Meanwhile in Seoul, Oasis, Episode 11 earned a slightly lower 6.7 percent of the audience.

Even with that slight drop though, it was still a high enough percentage to rank the KBS2 drama in fourth place.

Both ratings are consistent with the drama’s solid audience throughout its 11 episode run, with only its second episode seeing a more than 1 percent drop.

Since that drop, however, Oasis has recovered back to its premiere night ratings with audiences seemingly happy with the show and where it is heading.

Internationally, viewers also seem to be consistent, with My Drama List viewers giving it a 7.9 out of 10 ratings since the first episode while Viki viewers give it a much higher 9.4 rating.

With My Drama List audiences consistently rating many shows slightly too low from what should be their accurate rating and Viki viewers rating them ridiculously high (or the platform is manipulating ratings or allowing fake reviews, both of which are a possibility), the real truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

The next episode of Oasis will air later on today at 21:50 (KST) on KBS2 in South Korea, with Viki viewers being able to watch it soon after.


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