Nielson’s ‘Ik Heb een Meisje Thuis’ is a Fabulous Uptempo Song and Surprising: Repeat Rotation Video

nielson Ik heb een meisje thuis

I’m watching and listening to Dutch singer Nielson’s new song ‘Ik Heb een Meisje Thuis’ (I Got a Girl at Home) today as my Repeat Rotation Video as, from the video, it’s such a surprising song it immediately grabbed my attention the first time I watched it.

Nielson’s video for ‘Ik Heb een Meisje Thuis’ starts out looking as though we’re probably going to get a cool, classic jazz song. Instead, once the introductory story is well on its way, the music starts and instead we’re treated to a fabulous uptempo pop song complete with clapping hands, snapping fingers and a terrific beat. Very danceable, in fact.

And do watch the video through from beginning to end as, while the song is fun and catchy, the video also has a surprise all of its own.

Nielson’s new track ‘Ik Heb een Meisje Thuis’ is from his new EP  “Met de tijd mee – deel 1“, which you can get right now on iTunes.

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