Listen To Niia’s ‘Made For You’ Featured on Mistresses – Beautiful Piano-Driven Track

niia made for you

Niia’s beautiful track ‘Made For You‘ was featured on the ABC TV series Mistresses on Thursday night (Season 3, Episode 8 – “Murder She Wrote“) and, if you like slow, mellow, piano-driven songs, you will love this one.

As for Niia, her full name is Niia Bertino and she’s an American singer and pianist. She got her main start after meeting producer and singer Wyclef Jean, and being featured on his 2007 single ‘Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)’.

Since then, she’s been making a name for herself with that amazing smokey voice performing ‘The Best of 007′, a pop up concert featuring past James Bond movie hits. She released her first album Generation Blue late last year.

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Watch Niia’s official video for ‘Made For You‘ and, if you’re like me, play it over and over again. It’s such a gorgeous song and, yes, the video is deliciously disturbing.


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