Nissy’s ‘Get You Back’ is high-energy and will definitely get you dancing (video)

Japanese pop singer Nissy (aka Takahiro Nishijima, lead singer of the pop band AAA) has released his first solo single in over a year today.

The song is Nissy’s ‘Get You Back‘ and it is not only a loud, high-energy track with a pounding beat, it also comes with an equally high-energy music video.

In it, Nissy with his new hair color dances on a dark and smoky set backed by dancers all wearing black.

And, of course, dances in that awesome J-pop way — everyone in absolute unison while the lead dancer, in this case Nissy, is right at the front and staged and lit so he really stands out.

Lyrics-wise, however, the song is basic, with little more than “I get you back” sung through most of it. But, while a bit bland lyrically, ‘Get you Back‘ is as a song that will definitely get you wide awake and dancing.

The creative director for┬áNissy’s ‘Get You Back‘ music video was NINO (IKIOIandGRANT/ZEN/TCM), and was directed by KAORU (IKIOIandGRANT/TCM).

Watch Nissy’s ‘Get You Back‘ music video down below and see how long it takes you before you are up stomping your feet to the beat as well.

You can buy the new single or stream it via this link.


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