Noah Cyrus releases ‘We Are…’ lyric video slamming social media and today’s youth

Noah Cyrus releases ‘We Are…‘ lyric video slamming social media

American singer Noah Cyrus apparently knows how dangerous social media is for today’s youth. At least if her just released ‘We Are…’ lyrics video is anything to go by.

The cool black and white ‘We Are…’ lyrics video is a collaboration with Danish singer MØ, and has both young women dancing to the addictive song while admitting that, as today’s youth goes, they are “f*cked”.


The song lyrics say it all.

These days we only follow
These days we’re feeling hollow
“Get paid”, the only motto
We are f*cked”

Because, let’s face it, we currently live in a messed-up culture where how many people follow you on social media is apparently ‘important’, and where so-called ‘influencers’ make big money by telling people what to buy and how to behave.

Then again, and it may just be me, but I have a feeling Noah Cyrus is just about the last person that is going to care about social media or how she is supposed to behave. So why do you?

After all, look at her older sister Miley. Probably one of the least-influenced-by-others person on the planet, and I don’t see Noah being that much different.

As for ‘We Are…’ it is a catchy song and a very nice collaboration with the iconic MØ, who is another young woman that goes her own way regardless of what other people think.

The song is another release from Noah Cyrus’s upcoming debut album NC-17. An album that has been threatening a release date for a while now, but we have yet to actually get one. Sometime in 2018, though, for sure.

Watch Noah Cyrus and  MØ singing ‘We Are...” below, and then vow to get off social media, start ignoring ‘influencers’ and be a leader instead of a follower.

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