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Norwegian Singer Emila’s ‘Phoenix’ is Upbeat, Indie, and Lilting (Video)

emila phoenix


In my quest to listen to and promote European singers, I come across all kinds of artists I’ve never heard before, but artists I think should be getting a lot more attention than they are. Case in point, Norwegian singer Emila. She’s only 16 years old, but her voice is so unique, so strong and with such a beautiful lilting quality to it already.

Emila is also, apparently, absolutely driven to be a major star so, I have a feeling, you’ll be hearing a lot more about her in the future. Whether you live in Norway or not.

Meanwhile, one of the two songs Emila has currently released is a song called ‘Phoenix’, and it’s a wonderful upbeat indie number I’ve been listening to on and off all day. Listen to it below. What do you think?


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