Norwegian singer Sigrid is in full quirk in new single ‘High Five’ and she’s fabulous (video)

Norwegian singer Sigrid is in full quirk in new single ‘High Five

Winner of the BBC Music Sound of 2018 award, Norwegian singer songwriter Sigrid, released her second single from her new EP Raw this week.  The song is called ‘High Five‘, and it is one of the most upbeat, most fun songs we have heard from her so far.

This week, Sigrid also released her official music video for ‘High Five‘, a song that is similar in vibe to her big hit ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe‘ and one that, if you loved that track, you will definitely love this.

Especially because that delightfully quirky voice she has is in full quirk on this one.

Sigrid says the new song was written about relationships, and how the best are always those you are completely honest in, and not those where you are giving each other superficial high fives for no good reason.

Romantic relationships or otherwise, I’d say she’s definitely correct with that one.

Sigrid’s ‘High Five‘ was co-written by the Norwegian singer, in collaboration with Emily Warren andMartin Sjølie.

Her Raw EP is the second EP release for this extremely talented 21-year-old artist, and is currently available on the Island record label.

You can watch the track’s official music video below.

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