Not Others Ep 5 ratings HIGHEST yet – drama continues to draw LARGER audiences

Photo courtesy ENA

The Korean comedy drama Not Others, Episode 5 aired last night to ever increasing ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea figures, the ENA drama earned 2.88 percent ratings nationwide, which is the drama’s highest rating so far as well as an increase from its 2.74 percent rating for its previous episode.

In Seoul, Not Others, Episode 5 saw a rating increase to 3.25 percent.

Again, the drama’s highest rating in Seoul and an increase from Episode 4’s 3.16 percent rating.

That means, in just the first five episodes, Not Others has seen ratings jump from the drama’s initial 1.26 percent nationwide, which was its lowest rating of the series so far, to last night’s 2.88 percent.

More than double the ratings in just over two weeks, with the same ratings increase occurring in Seoul.

International viewers of Not Others

After Not Others, Episode 5 aired, the drama is still being rated 8.2 out of 10 on My Drama List by international viwers, and with comments overwhelmingly positive.

Comments range from:

LOVING this up to Episode 5. Nothing silly everybody is an adult; interesting life situations. Great smaller characters. More shows should be like this.

with another commenter, who has just finished Episode 4 saying:

This is very fresh and unpredictable (I’m at Episode 4). Sooyoung and the mother are so good in their roles. Am glad I started watching this.

The next episode of Not Others will air later on tonight on ENA, with Viki streaming the drama for international viewers soon after.

Chances are that episode will see increasing ratings as well.

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