Nothing Uncovered Ep 11 ratings drop – strange as the K-drama is one of best of the season

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I honestly do not get why the ratings for the Korean crime melodrama Nothing Uncovered have been so up and down since it premiered on March 18th.

Ratings that fell again last night for Nothing Uncovered, Episode 11 after the K-drama headed back up with Episode 10.

Sure, the drama’s characters are weak and flawed, sure the female lead (nicely played by Kim Ha Neul) is often one of the stupidest people you’ve seen in a Korean drama, and sure her husband (Yeon Woo Jin) can be awful too, but, honey, that’s life.

People aren’t perfect, nobody is and, if all Korea served up were dramas showcasing perfect people, I would have stopped watching them long ago.

Ratings for Nothing Uncovered, Episode 11 in South Korea

As for the ratings for Nothing Uncovered, Episode 11 last night, the K-drama fell again from last week’s 3.4 percent audience share nationwide, to last night’s 2.6 percent.

Almost a full 1.0 percent drop, and a drop that was not deserved.

Then again, so many people are such snowflakes nowadays, is it really any wonder many dramas portraying damaged characters are so maligned?

Meanwhile, last night’s winner in the K-drama wars was the equally excellent Lovely Runner, which surpassed both Nothing Uncovered and The Midnight Studio in its audience share.

The next episode of Nothing Uncovered will air later on tonight, with Viki viewers still rating it 9.2 out of 10 (well, at least they have some sense), and IMDB users still rating it with a solid 8.0 out of 10, while, of course, the whiny babies over at My Drama List have dropped their ratings to an average of 7.6.

Well, they would, wouldn’t they?

(** Rule of Thumb: If My Drama List users hate a Korean drama, you’ll probably love it)

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