Nouela ‘The Sound of Silence’ Incredibly Sad but Beautiful: Repeat Rotation Video

nouela the sound of silence

Nouela’s ‘The Sound of Silence‘ is not only an incredibly beautiful cover song, it is also attached to a touching video on YouTube.

The video has nothing officially to do with the song, it was just put together by the person who uploaded the song to their YouTube channel, but it’s powerful and sad and kind of shocking. Black and white cuts of mainly famous male actors crying on screen.

And it makes you realize how rarely, in our society, we actually see men cry. Not that they don’t.

We just don’t get to see it.

That, of course, has nothing to do with why I am playing Nouela’s ‘The Sound of Silence‘ as my Repeat Rotation Video today. I am doing that just because I like it.

Because she has made ‘The Sound of Silence‘, her version of the famous Simon & Garfunkel track, into a sad song. Something it never was before, and yet something that has made it even more beautiful.

Listen to Nouela’s ‘The Sound of Silence‘ below. And, as always with my Repeat Rotation Videos’, play it loud, headphones, eyes closed (after you have watched the beautiful video, of course).

As for Nouela, she is a Seattle-based independent singer, who says she always knew ‘The Sound of Silence‘ was sad.

Now she has proven it to us. Enjoy.

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