Numbers Ep 5 ratings RISE in Korea – international audiences still rate drama HIGH

Photo courtesy MBC TV

The South Korean drama Numbers, Episode 5 aired on MBC TV last night and saw a rise in its ratings, both nationwide and in Seoul.

The latest numbers from Nielsen Korea show the drama earned 3.8 percent of the audience share nationwide, which is an increase of .60 percent over its previous episode.

In Seoul, Numbers, Episode 5 garnered 3.6 percent of the audience share compared to its previous episode’s 3.0 percent.

Since the drama’s premiere on June 23rd though, Numbers has earned a solid audience rating, with ratings that do not fluctuate too widely.

And a solid audience that does not seem to be disappearing the longer the drama runs.

Numbers and international audiences

While it is more difficult to find out how many people are watching Numbers on international streaming services, My Drama List does give a pretty accurate idea of what international viewers think about a particular drama.

Viewers watching Numbers and using the My Drama List platform are rating the drama an 8.0 out of 10.0, which is a good rating from users of the site.

Comments on the site too are overwhelmingly positive.

After Numbers, Episode 5 aired viewers are pointing out how the way legal disputes are solved is carried out in an interesting and clever way, with several who understand or work in the accounting industry saying how accurate the show is when dealing with accounting-related issues.

Over on Viki, where Numbers is being streamed to international viewers, the drama is rated an even higher 9.7 out of 10 (although there have been comments over the years suggesting that the site does manipulate its ratings), with viewers also commenting overwhelmingly positively about the drama.

The next episode of Numbers will air on MBC TV later tonight.

Meanwhile, international viewers can now watch Numbers, Episode 5 on Viki.


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