Oasis Episode 13 viewership slightly down but still up from first episode

Oasis Episode 13 viewership proves audience has held steady through entire run

The Korean drama Oasis has been so popular right from its first episode that it really has not seen a drop in viewers at all.

In fact, when you look at the 13 episodes of Oasis that have been aired so far, every episode except the second and the ninth, has had a higher nationwide viewership in Korea than the first.

Case in point, the Oasis, Episode 13 viewership numbers have just been released by Nielsen Korea and, like almost every other episode, the drama saw more viewers than when it premiered.

Those numbers for the Oasis, Episode 13 viewership — 6.8 percent nationwide and 6.4 percent in Seoul — did fall slightly from the previous episode, but were still up .5 percent and .2 percent from the first episode.

In other words, every episode of Oasis has had consistent viewership throughout the melodrama’s entire run.

Now, with only three episodes left to air, it is also likely those viewers will only increase in number.


International Oasis, Episode 13 viewership still enjoying the drama

While there aren’t official numbers released for international audiences watching the period melodrama, due to it airing on private platforms like Viki, reading the comments on sites like My Drama List and Viki can give you a good sense of how much non-Korean viewers are enjoying the drama.

Recent comments on those platforms range from:

This drama is so well-written. story, screenplay, direction, acting, cinematography all fall in place so well. i just don’t get it how this still has the rating under 8.5.


This series is so good, has the right vibe and the actors deliver! First episodes are somewhat an introduction for the lack of a better word, so it might feel like it drags. But bear with it, it’s worth it!

Hardly anyone is saying they have dropped the drama or plan to.

Oasis airs on KBS2 in South Korea every Monday and Tuesday at 21:50 (KST). Episode 14 will be out later today.

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