Of Monsters and Men’s ‘Wolves Without Teeth’ Official Video — Sadly Disappointing

of monsters and men wolves without teeth

Of Monsters and Men‘s official video for ‘Wolves Without Teeth‘ is out and, sadly, it’s disappointing as, for the first time since this Icelandic band started releasing videos for their songs, the song video is completely mismatched with the track itself.


Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing bad about the video per se. It’s nicely shot (and directed by Magnus Leifsson), and the dancers in it (Hanna Rún Oladóttir and Nikita Bazev) give a beautiful performance. It’s just that the ‘Wolves Without Teeth’ official video doesn’t even remotely come close to conveying the message of the song. Not for such an epic song. A song that deserved a similarly spectacular video.

In fact, so strange of a fit is it, it made me question how much I really liked the song. Until I went back to the stunning ‘Wolves Without Teeth‘ lyrics video and realized, “Yep. That’s it. That conveys the desperation, panic and fear of the lyrics. That’s the one they should have stuck with”.

But what’s interesting about this disappointing Of Monsters and Men video is the fans themselves.

Because often, when a band releases an official video that isn’t well received, fans respond with nasty comments and a thumbing down of the video on YouTube. But not Of Monsters and Men fans.

Instead, there are mostly negative comments under the video, with the vast majority of Of Monsters and Men’s fans saying “Disappointing”. But, the video itself still has over 5,000 ‘thumbs ups’ and only a handful of downs.

Kind of proving, while their fans may not like everything they do, the vast majority will be respectful as they tell them, “No. Sorry. Not this one”.

And isn’t that how a good fan should be?