Oh Land’s ‘Head Up High’ is a Glorious Electro Dream: Repeat Rotation Video

oh land head up high

Danish singer Oh Land puts out some amazing music, but this one is the best I’ve heard from her so far. Called ‘Head Up High‘, it’s the debut single from Oh Land’s fourth studio album ‘Earth Sick‘ and it’s a glorious electronic track with cool percussion, and complete with American Indian-style chanting. Fabulous.

The video for ‘Head Up High‘ is also incredible, filmed as it was with minimal money and with a basic concept, which is why I’m playing it as my Repeat Rotation Video today. Well, that and I love the song.


Oh, and if you like what you hear, you really should buy Oh Land’s album as’Earth Sick‘ was not only crowdfunded, every track for the album was recorded in her apartment in Brooklyn because she wanted to “go back to the basics”. Now that’s someone who should be supported.

Listen to ‘Earth Sick‘ on Spotify and then buy it. And, yes, watch ‘Head Up High’ below.


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