Ott Lepland Sings ‘Olen Valind Tee’ on Laula Mu Laulu: Repeat Rotation Video

ott lepland Laula Mu Laulu

Ott Lepland sings ‘Olen Valind Tee‘ on Estonian TV show Laula Mu Laulu

Remember Estonia’s Ott Lepland? He represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 with that fabulous song ‘Kuula, and came a very respectable sixth. Well, I was doing my usual five hours of surfing around YouTube today, and found this. Ott Lepland singing a song called ‘Olen Valind Tee‘ live on an Estonian TV show called Laula Mu Laulu a few months ago. It’s a fabulous performance.

And I see singers like Ott Lepland, someone who is so incredibly talented, and I think it’s such a shame Eurovision doesn’t spend more time following the singers that represent their countries after the Eurovision Song Contest is over. As there are so many talented European artists many of us only see at Eurovision and then, once the contest is over, rarely ever hear about them again.

But, this. This is Ott Lepland. He’s from Estonia, if you missed him during Eurovision. He is supremely talented, and sings the most beautiful songs. And if you like good music and enjoy supporting European singers, you really should get to know more about him (here’s Lepland’s Wikipedia entry). He’s lovely.

That’s why Ott Lepland singing ‘Olen Valind Tee‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today. I love the song. He is amazing. And I’d like others who maybe haven’t heard about him, or forgotten he exists, to spend a few minutes of their time and listen to him.

You’ll find Ott Lepland’s ‘Olen Valind Tee‘ below. Enjoy.


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