Pablo Alborán’s Deezer Session is Gorgeous (Video)

pablo alboran

Pablo Alborán’s Deezer Session is Gorgeous

One of my favorite Spanish singers, Pablo Alborán, was at Deezer last week where he recorded a three-song Deezer session that was, as you might expect, pretty spectacular.

Because, yep, this guy can certainly sing live.

Pablo Alborán’s Deezer session comprised Inséparables (Pasos de Cero), ‘Solamente Tú‘ and ‘Ne M’oublie Pas (Recuérdame)’, all songs from his latest album Terral, with two of them getting a French version instead of the usual Spanish. (I definitely prefer the Spanish originals, but these are nice for a change).

Watch Pablo Alborán’s Deezer session below. Listen to Terral and other Alborán albums on Deezer and, of course, buy Terral. It’s one of my top 20 albums of the year, as every song is superb, and it might end up being yours too.

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