Pale Moon Episode 2 ratings holding steady but crime drama hasn’t grabbed much of an audience – Yet!

The new Korean crime drama Pale Moon, Episode 2 ratings are out and, while the drama has not yet grabbed much of an audience, it hasn’t lost much of an audience from its first episode either.

According to Nielsen Korea ratings released earlier today, the Pale Moon, Episode 2 ratings held steady with the Kim Seo Hyung-led drama grabbing 0.9 percent of the audience in its time slot, and a higher 1.26 percent in Seoul.

While the nationwide audience for Pale Moon fell from the first episode’s 0.97 percent to 0.90 percent, which is barely a drop to even notice, in Seoul the drama actually gained viewers going from 1.057 percent for its first episode to 1.263 percent for its second.

Hopefully, the crime thriller will continue to attract new viewers in upcoming episodes and, even more hopefully, it will quickly get English subs.

What is the Korean drama Pale Moon?

Pale Moon stars Kim Seo Hyung, Yoo Sun, Seo Young Hee, Lee Si Woo, Gong Jung Hwan, Lee Chun Hee, and Yoon Hee Seo.

The Korean drama is based on a Japanese novel by Mitsuyo Kakuta, and is the novel’s second live adaptation.

It tells the story of Yoo Yi Hwa (played by Kim Seo Hyung), who is a housewife whose indifferent husband causes her to live an empty albeit comfortable life.

After getting a job at a bank, Yi Hwa begins to feel happier. Until circumstances and her own decisions lead her to begin embezzling the bank’s money.

Pale Moon is currently streaming in South Korea on Genie TV, TVING and ENA every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST).

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