Palma Violets Wake Up James Corden’s Late Late Show Audience with ‘English Tongue’ (Video)

palma violets on james corden english tongue

James Corden is single-handedly bringing British music artists to the United States, and setting them up for amazing careers. At least, that’s what it seems like every time you turn on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Because a huge percentage of the artists he has had on his new late night TV show have been British. A huge percent.

Then again, I’m British. So I’m not complaining.

Bands like last night’s music guests Palma Violets. A British indie band from London that definitely woke up James Corden’s audience with their raw rock sound and their track ‘English Tongue‘.

Palma Violets, by the way, are currently in the US promoting their second album Danger in the Club, which was released in May on the Rough Trade label. So a stop off at The Late Late Show for James Corden wasn’t that difficult.

Watch them below. Nice, eh?

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