Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Ep 10 back up in ratings as revenge drama in its home stretch

The Korean drama Pandora: Beneath the Paradise, Episode 10 aired last night with ratings much higher than its last episode’s.

According to Nielsen Korea, after its previous episode saw a substantial drop to almost half of its audience, Pandora: Beneath the Paradise, Episode 10 was back up in the ratings yesterday.

Both nationwide and in Seoul.

Nationwide, the tenth episode of the revenge drama earned 4.02 percent of the audience in its time slot, which was up from 2.88 percent for its previous episode.

In Seoul, the thriller performed even better with a 4.17 percent audience share, up from 3.28 for Episode 9.

That means, while Pandora: Beneath the Paradise, Episode 10 didn’t get back up to the 4.89 percent and 6.07 percent of its first episode, it is at least heading in the right direction.

The Korean drama still has six more episodes to air before its finale, so there is plenty of time for it to do just that.

International audiences meanwhile seem to be mixed in their reaction to Episode 10, with some on My Drama List commenting they are either dropping the drama or putting it “on hold” until all 16 episodes are out.

Others, however, even though many are saying they do not like the characters and think the story has too many plot holes to be believable, still seem to be addicted enough to keep watching.

The next episode of the tvN drama will air on Saturday, April 15th at 21:10 (KST).

Meanwhile, you can watch Pandora: Beneath the Paradise, Episode 10 outside South Korea via Disney Plus.


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