Pandora: Beneath the Shadow Ep 9 has lowest viewership so far – loses 36 percent of audience

It appears South Koreans may be getting tired of the new tvN drama Pandora: Beneath the Shadow.

At least if the just released Nielsen Korea ratings are anything to go by.

According to Nielsen, last night’s Pandora: Beneath the Shadow, Episode 9 lost almost 36 percent of viewers from its previous episode, with national audiences in South Korea falling from 4.44 percent for Episode 8 down to 2.88 percent for Episode 9.

In Seoul, the drop wasn’t quite as bad with a fall from 4.60 percent to 3.28 percent — or a 29 percent drop.

Something that is still quite a surprise for many, though, as tvN dramas generally tend to do well.


On various Internet forums, however, international viewers are weighing in on the revenge drama with several pointing to its poor production, and to just about every character in the drama becoming extremely dislikeable quite quickly.

Others are complaining about the poor writing and ridiculous situations that, they say, show a distinct lack of understanding about science and logic.

Poor camera work is also being blamed as the reason why some have dropped the drama.

With Pandora: Beneath the Paradise only just a little past its halfway mark, time will tell if its viewership falls further before it ends.

Or if Pandora: Beneath the Paradise, Episode 9 ratings are as low as this one will fall.

The next episode of the tvN drama will air next Saturday, with the remainder of its run every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 (KST).

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