Panic is Perfect’s ‘Go Go Go’ is Bouncing Around in My Head: Repeat Rotation Video

panic is perfect

Panic is Perfect’s ‘Go, Go, Go’ won’t stop bouncing around in my head

I discovered indie pop band Panic is Perfect a few months ago on Soundcloud when the site’s usual scrolling music recommendations popped up ‘Bobby Black‘, and I loved what I heard.

I liked them even more when I read, although Panic is Perfect is now based in San Francisco, founder Jeremy Belzer wrote a lot of the first music for the band in the jungles of Thailand, a country I currently live in. Since then, I’ve been addicted to them, especially when I’m in the mood for something mellow and uplifting.

Panic is Perfect now have their first EP out. Called Behind Your Eyelids (available on iTunes), it’s a five-track EP that includes ‘Bobby Black‘ and ‘Go Go Go‘, the video I’m showcasing below as my Repeat Rotation Video.

Go Go Go‘ continues on with Panic is Perfect’s usual way of including musical influences from the many countries band members have traveled through and lived in. This time it’s an old French song, with the opening lyrics,

Ce n’est pas de l’amour car nous ne nous battons pas, Les ombres grises et le va, va, va au lit avec l’enfer”, which translated into English means ‘I don’t call it love, cause we don’t fight. Shades of gray, plus the go, go, go in bed with inferno”.

Listen below, and I dare you to only listen to it once. Because I’ve had the song on repeat since I got up this morning, and there’s no signs of it stopping playing any time soon.

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