Paolo Nutini ‘One Day’ – Romantic, Sexy and Soulful : Repeat Rotation Video

paolo nutini joanna lumley one day

It’s 2:30 am, and I really need to sleep. But, I’ve got this Paolo Nutini song, ‘One Day‘, stuck in my head and I can’t stop playing it.

Paolo Nutini, of course, is the Scottish singer half of the UK raves about. He has this incredibly scratchy voice that is so sexy and soulful, and he sings the most amazing songs.

Today, Nutini’s song ‘One Day‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video. It was just released a month ago, and the song itself is brilliant.

The video? Out of this world and decidedly creepy.

It stars Joanna Lumley, who plays the part of an aging starlight who is transformed into a younger woman after a serial killer murders all the young woman in the theater she is working in. She puts on a necklace belonging to one of the women and, all of a sudden, she’s 40 years younger. A bit of a soul stealer it seems.

Watch Paolo Nutini’s ‘One Day’ below. Isn’t that the coolest thing?

And now, I really need to sleep.


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