Park Bom’s ‘Holding The End of This Night’ is a BANGER and a SUPERB Solid cover

Park Bom’s ‘Holding The End of This Night‘ is gorgeous and so is the song’s music video

South Korean singer Park Bom’s new single is out and, yep, it is an absolute banger.

Because, hell, I always forget when I haven’t listened to a Park Bom song in a while just how gorgeous her husky voice is, and how soul-grabbing her songs.

Park Bom’s ‘Holding The End of This Night‘ was officially released today, with uploads concurrently hitting Spotify and other streaming music platforms, and the single’s official music video streaming via YouTube. (Watch below)

Holding the End of This Night‘ music video beautifully shot

Park Bom’s ‘Holding the End of This Night‘ music video features a woman gathering up some of her favorite possessions, then walking around Seoul leaving them in different places.

It ends with her leaving a carousel music box on a beach and walking away.

The music video is beautifully and moodily shot as it shows hazily focused city streets, with the woman’s prize possessions generously left for others to find.

Possessions that seem to hint of a lost relationship and the man who once gave them to her.

Holding the End of This Night‘ is a stunning Solid cover

And just in case you are not familiar with the South Korean/American R&B/Hip-Hop trio Solid who, of course, released ‘Holding the End of This Night‘ (Korean: 이밤의 끝을 잡고) way back in 1995, yes, Park Bom’s release is a cover of one of South Korea’s most well-known dance pop songs.

Solid (info on the band here) released the song as a single from their sophomore studio album The Magic of 8 Ball, and it almost immediately shot to the top of Korean music charts, making Solid an almost-household name soon after.

The group went on to become one of Korea’s most popular groups, before taking an unintended 21-year-long break starting in 1977 and then coming back in 2018 with a new album.

Solid has been performing together ever since.

There have also been several covers of their song recorded since then, but I have to admit Park Bom’s may just be at the top of the cover list as, man, it is difficult to top her gorgeous voice.

Listen to Park Bom’s ‘Holding the End of This Night‘ in the Spotify player below and, of course, watch the song’s beautifully shot music video.

You can also hear the original Solid version of ‘Holding the End of This Night‘ on Spotify below that, as well as a 2018 live performance of the song the group gave in South Korea.

Their version is a little more “90s-sounding”, but equally as lovely.


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