Passenger Busks Around Australia and New Zealand in ‘Everything’ Video

passenger busking in australia and new zealand singing everything

British folk singer Passenger has released another video. This time for a new song called ‘Everything‘. The video was filmed around Australia and New Zealand during Passenger’s 2015 tour through those two countries playing songs from Whispers and Whispers II as the opening act for Ed Sheeran.

But, in true Passenger style, he didn’t just perform in the massive stadiums Sheeran and he can now fill, and have his performances filmed.

Instead, he also went out on the streets of the Australian and New Zealand cities they visited and did a little bit of busking. After all, when you are as talented as Passenger, and love music so much, why not share it?

And share it with the enormous crowds he can draw, by simply setting up a microphone and a simple sound system on the street and starting to play.

Because it’s what Passenger did before he became so famous. Hit the streets and played for people. Just so he could get his music out there, and so that people could hear him for free. And, according to him, he doesn’t plan to stop busking any time soon, no matter how famous he gets.

As for ‘Everything’, Passenger himself says it’s a song he wrote about going from one thing to another, and how we all adapt and evolve.

“it constantly uses the words ‘nothing, something, anything and everything’ and I guess tries to challenge our interpretation of what these words mean.”

It’s also an incredibly beautiful song, although very sad.

When you got nothing
Freewheeling and free falling you go
When you got nothing you’ve got something to prove
Then you get something
Something that you’ve always dreamed about
When you got something you’ve got something to lose

They take everything
They take your spark
They take everything
They break your heart
They take everything
Oh cause nothing’s ever something
Until you lose everything

Listen to, but as importantly, watch Passenger’s ‘Everything‘ video, and look at how incredibly happy people are just to hear him play. Now that’s a gift that lovely man has.

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