Passenger’s ‘Heart to Love’ music video shot in slow-mo in Vegas and it’s cool

English singer songwriter Passenger has another cool music video release up on YouTube today you might want to check out.

This one is the official music video for his latest single ‘Heart To Love‘, and it features the indie artist standing on a Las Vegas street playing his guitar and singing as crowds walk by.

The footage for the video was shot in slow motion while Passenger walked down the busy Vegas street, (how difficult that must be to lip-sync in slow motion, while at the same time not slamming into people as you do it), and then sped up to give the slightly jerky effect it has.

Debate in the video’s YouTube comments, however, is on whether ‘Heart To Love’ was shot live or if it was shot in front of a green screen and then had the two pieces of footage were melded together.

According to Passenger, who left a comment on the ‘Community’ section of his YouTube channel, it was most definitely shot live:

“The video was very interesting to make …. we shot it in Las Vegas and only had one evening / one chance to get it right . Its a really simple performance video other than one major thing … we slowed the track down to half time speed so I basically had to walk along in a very crowded area performing the song to camera in slow mo ….its harder than it sounds !

We got some extremely weird looks but as it was Las Vegas there were thankfully a lot of people doing weird stuff everywhere so I think we blended in nicely ;-)”

I think it blended nicely too, it’s a lovely effect, and ‘Heart To Love‘ is a very cool song.

In fact, I have to say I am quite enjoying this new country style Passenger has going on at the moment, with one of the first releases from his upcoming new album — ‘Why Can’t I Change‘ — currently one of my favorite songs.

Heart To Love‘ is from Passenger’s 10th studio album Runaway, which comes out in six weeks. I can hardly wait.

Meanwhile, watch the very cool video for ‘Heart To Love‘ below, and learn more about Passenger on his website.

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