Passenger’s YouTube Video of The Eagles ‘Hotel California’ Is Sure To Go Viral

Passenger's YouTube video for 'Hotel California' is desolate and sad

This week’s Passenger cover song video is The Eagles ‘Hotel California‘ and it’s cool

Everyone’s favorite British singer songwriter Passenger has outdone himself tonight with his just released Sunday night cover song video. Because Passenger’s YouTube video this week is none other than The Eagles classic ‘Hotel California‘, but his version is a softer more folk version than it is like the original rock song. And you are going to love it.


As for the video for the song, once again it was created by Jarrad Seng and once again it’s cool. Because it was filmed in a scrubby desert location somewhere in California, giving the song a lovely desolate feeling that adds to the richness of it all.

But do be sure to watch all the way to the end of the video, as it’s not all about greed, destruction and loss — because yes, those are some of the themes of the song.

Instead, there is a funny blooper scene where Passenger has to stop singing because, as he says to Jarrad Seng who is filming, “I can’t do this when you’re grabbing your crotch”.

Because it seems Jarrad was dropping something but, from where Passenger was standing, it was waaaaaaaaay more distracting than it was meant.

Passenger releases cover song videos most Sunday evenings, and it’s not surprising he keeps doing so.

Not when you see the huge number of views on any Passenger’s YouTube video that feature a cover song.

Anything from over half a million views on his gorgeous cover of The Smiths’ track ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out, to over three million views on the video of R.E.M.’s ‘Losing My Religion.

And now with this, let’s face it, Passenger’s YouTube video of The Eagle’s ‘Hotel California‘ is sure to go viral.

As for the original ‘Hotel California‘, it was released by The Eagles in 1977 as one of the singles from their album of the same name.

Its extended guitar ending was voted as the best guitar solo of all time, and the song itself is one of the most recognizable songs ever released and the most popular song The Eagles ever produced.

The song also won a Grammy Award in 1978.

Watch Passenger’s YouTube video of his cover version below.

Update July 3rd, 2017: Passenger released an album of all the cover songs from his Sunday Night videos this week. The album is called Sunday Night Sessions and it is available on all major music sites.


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