Pearl Jam ‘Crazy Mary’: Gorgeously, Stunningly Goosebumps – Repeat Rotation Video

sweet relief victoria williams pearl jam crazy mary

Want to hear a song that will give you goosebumps? Try my Repeat Rotation Video today. Pearl Jam’s ‘Crazy Mary‘. One of the most beautiful alternative rock songs ever recorded.

The track is from the 1993 Sweet Relief album – a compilation album put out in 1993 to benefit singer-songwriter Victoria Williams who had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis — and, yet, is a Pearl Jam song not a huge number of non-Pearl Jam fans are aware of. They should be, as it’s lovely.

Other bands on the album include Soul Asylum, Michael Penn, The Waterboys, Michelle Shocked, Lou Reed, Maria McKee, Buffalo Tom and one from Lucinda Williams herself. All songs on the album were written by Williams.

‘Crazy Mary’ also includes my favorite line from any song – ever.

“That which you fear the most could meet you half way”.

Listen to Pearl Jam’s ‘Crazy Mary‘ below. It is simply, stunningly beautiful.

And, of course, as always with my Repeat Rotation Videos, play it loud, with headphones, and eyes closed. Tight.

You can also listen to the entire album, which is phenomenally good, in the Spotify widget below.

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