Pearl Jam Plays All of ‘No Code’ Album Live in Moline, Illinois (Video)

pearl jam live in moline


If there’s one concert I would have loved to have been at this month, it’s Pearl Jam live in Moline, Illinois last Friday night. That’s because, not only were they reportedly incredible, but they also played all of their ‘No Code‘ album for the audience – yes, in its entirety from start to finish – only the second time Pearl Jam has ever played an entire album live.

And compared to the millions and millions of people who are Pearl Jam fans, only a handful of people got to experience it. Tragic. I say.

Luckily, and thank God for YouTube, there are a few tracks that have already popped up – ‘Around the Bend‘ is one of them. Let’s hope we’ll see more.

Pearl Jam also debuted a new song during the concert, a song called ‘Moline‘, which they dedicated to the Moline area.

Bet that crowd thought they’d died and gone to Pearl Jam heaven that night.

Watch ‘Around the Bend’ and ‘Moline’ below. Don’t you wish you’d been there too?


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