Peter Schreiber’s ‘Top 10 Austrian Songs You Should Listen To’

One of the nicest people I have met in my almost three years living in Vienna is Austrian presenter and music journalist Peter Schreiber.

A man I hung out with for a couple of hours a few months ago when I interviewed him for a piece on Leo Sigh, and someone I annoy often when I have a comment or a question about Austrian music.

Because not only is Peter Schreiber willing to answer my questions, or read my grumblings about certain Austrian artists and their music, but he is also so knowledgeable about music (both Austrian and non-Austrian sounds), he is always informative when I need help.

That is why, when I decided to start a new segment on Leo Sigh about Austrian music, the first person I hit up for a ‘Top 10 Austrian Songs You Should Listen To’ list was Schreiber.

As, not only was I sure he would be nice enough to do it, but I also knew he would put together a superb list of Austrian songs I may not know about, and that everyone else would probably love.

Because, yes, the man has a brilliant taste in music too.

Peter Schreiber’s ‘Top 10 Austrian Songs You Should Listen To’ list

The following are 10 contemporary Austrian songs Schreiber himself loves, along with short comments on what he thinks about each of them.

They are relatively current songs from a variety of genres, and are from Austrian artists like AVEC, who is already making a name for herself outside Austria, to those like Styrian duo YUKNO few people have heard about yet.

But, before you think these are the only 10 songs from Österreich (Austria to you non-German speakers) Peter Schreiber thought worthwhile promoting, let me just say he found it extremely difficult to cull down his current favorites to just these 10.

After all, he believes there is a plethora of superb Austrian music out there. Music that should be getting more attention than it usually does.

MOTSA feat. David Österle – ‘No Fear

This guy should be massive IMO. Valerio Dittrich aka MOTSA creates sounds that make you think, and dance, and lose yourself at the same time. The video is awesome as well!

Soia – ‘Run with Wolves’

Girl got groove, girl got voice… and actually she has got everything else as well. This song gives me such a relaxed, warm and confident feeling.

Friedberg – ‘Boom’

I have always had a sweet spot for the voice of Anna F. A voice that fits perfectly into her newly-founded all-female indie-rock band Friedberg. My only complaint is that ‘Boom‘ is waaaay too short, and I really need more of this in my life.

HVOB – ‘2nd World’

HVOB are some of my absolute favourites ever since I heard their first song around 6 years ago. Their new album Rocco is their finest yet (listen to the album in its entirety on Spotify). ‘2nd World‘, the opening track, really sends you to another world…

AVEC – ‘Alone’

AVECs latest album Heaven/Hell is quite happy… for her standards 😉, but I still think she is best when she is at her most vulnerable. This song is a lovely example of that — a song that is a beautiful gem.

Der traurige Gärtner – ‘Acid im Salat’

Ok, this makes more sense for the German speaking folks as this song is basically a weird story in Austrian dialect about a boy who put acid into a salad and his father ate it… 😃.  Anyway, Der traurige Gärtner (The Sad Gardener“) is massively creative and talented, and he deserves a lot more attention.

Another Vision – ‘Closer’

This is quite an impressive way to say “Hello” IMO, as this is the first and only single Another Vision (Moritz & Michael from Vienna and Innsbruck) have released so far. It is dark and hypnotic, and builds up so nicely into something big and energetic.

Yukno – ‘Vergehen’

I can’t get over how underrated these guys still are. Styrian brothers YUKNO are currently working on their second album. This song is from their debut Ich Kenne Kein Weekend, and surprisingly it is one of their less-played songs on Spotify (full album on Spotify is here) – but it is my favourite. Especially when you hear it played live!

Konea Ra – ‘Supercharger’

I seriously don’t know why Konea Ra haven‘t been on my radar that much, but recently I feel like they really stepped up their game. Last years single “Love” already caught my attention, but “Supercharger“ is, IMO, the best they have ever sounded. And the video is stylish too 😊.

TENTA – ‘Love’

Apart from the fact that the boys of TENTA are really funny and lovely guys, they are also great musicians! Their sound is quite unconventional, but I guess the best things are. And the voice of singer Andreas is just pure gold.

Peter Schreiber hosts the wonderfully weird and quirky music show #POP! on the cable TV station W24.

One of his latest always entertaining shows features Schreiber talking to Austria’s Eurovision Song Contest 2019 representative PAENDA, which you can watch below, and recommending Conchita’s (WURST’s) latest release ‘Hit Me.

You can also check out more episodes of #POP on the show’s website, and follow Peter Schreiber on Instagram and on Facebook.

And, if you like his taste in songs as much as I do, he has a massive Spotify playlist of songs he adds to all the time with a wide range of genres represented.

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