Pink Performs ‘Today’s The Day’ Live on Ellen, Even Her Daughter Takes Part (Video)

Pink Today's The Day on Ellen

Pink hasn’t recorded any solo music in a while, but that changed recently when Ellen DeGeneres announced Pink had written the new theme song for Season 13 of her hit talk show.

The song is called ‘Today’s The Day’ and, to make things even cooler, Pink was on hand to sing it live for the first time on The Ellen Show yesterday (Thursday, September 10th), during Ellen’s #ElleninNYC show.

And, of course, Pink rocked the song, as she is one of the best female singers around today when it comes to live performances. Plus, isn’t it nice to see such a huge star treat her backing singers like part of a team on stage instead of someone just there to back them?

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During Pink’s performance, Ellen also went up on stage to dance (and we all know how much Ellen loves to dance) and, towards the end, Pink even had her four-year-old daughter Willow appear for the last few bars of the song and, of course, a big hug from momma.

All in all, the way it was done, ‘Today’s The Day‘ seemed more like a celebration of life and having fun than it did of an actual Pink performance, and I loved that. And what a cool song.

Watch it below, and I dare you to try not to dance.


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