Pixies Frank Black Says iTunes is a Pain in the Ass and He’s Right

i hate itunes and love deezer

The Pixies Frank Black calls iTunes ” a pain in the ass” and he’s right

The Pixies lead singer Frank Black talked to The Daily Beast this week about the band’s upcoming new album and, while talking about a myriad of things, one thing Black mentioned with his frustration with iTunes. A service he says he no longer uses.

According to Frank Black, he uses streaming services instead of iTunes nowadays, because “iTunes is a pain in the ass”, and here’s why:

With services like Spotify and Tidal, the landscape has changed a lot since you started almost 30 years ago. What are your thoughts on streaming?

I’m fine with streaming. That’s all I listen to now. iTunes is too much of a pain in the ass. I have an iTunes account, but I mean, Jesus, between the Cloud and the iTunes Match and “did I buy this?” and “did I not buy it?” and “did I lose it?” and all that shit, it’s kind of annoying.

That was the best setup a few years ago, but now that there’s streaming—which can be annoying too, because it’s all just accounts and passwords—it’s a little bit of an annoyance, like a lot of technology. But in general it seems to work.”

The Daily Beast went on to ask him if streaming services worried him due to the lack of money artists usually receive from it. His response? He doesn’t worry about it. That’s what his lawyer, his agent and his publisher is for.

I dumped my iTunes account for Deezer

And, as far as iTunes goes, I’ve got to agree with Frank Black. I only recently broke down and even bothered to sing up for an iTunes account, but it’s been a freaking nightmare from the beginning.

That’s because I currently live in Thailand but pay for everything online with my American credit card linked to my US address, something iTunes always seems to have a problem with.

Add in half the stuff I want to buy isn’t available in Thailand, even though I’m paying with a US account, and the iTunes app is constantly freezing my computer and iTunes? Whatever.

I now listen to all my music on Deezer and support my favorite artists by buying their albums through an online digital music platform or on CD. A heck of a lot easier and no idiotic bloated iTunes apps or software downloads to worry about either.

Besides, I never said I wanted Apple or iTunes to take over all my music listening capabilities, so why is their software always trying to?

As for syncing my music to all my devices like iTunes does? Yep, Deezer does that too, and a lot easier than with iTunes.

iTunes? I agree with Frank Black. It’s too much of a pain in the ass. So, I dumped it.

Honestly, I suggest you do the same.

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