Polina Gagarina Releases ‘A Million Voices’ (Russia) Video: Beautiful Song, Lovely Video, Amazing Voice

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Polina Gagarina, the Russian representative to Eurovision 2015, has just released the official video to her song. Called ‘A Million Voices‘, the video is beautifully filmed, Polina is astonishingly beautiful, her voice is perfect for this song, and the song itself is gorgeous. Looks like Russia will do well at Eurovision this year. And, with this song and this singer, they deserve to.

A Million Voices‘ also has an interesting, and somewhat poignant theme. The theme of the world coming together “for peace and healing” (you’ll find the lyrics at Eurovision TV). Particularly as Russia and its representatives, The Tolmachevy Sisters, were so ostracized at the Eurovision Song Contest last year due to Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territory, its stance on LGBT rights and its attempt to have Austrian representative, drag artist Conchita Wurst, banned from the event.

In a way, it kind of makes me sad for Russia that they feel the need to have ‘A Million Voices‘ as their official song, as it’s pretty obvious the theme is deliberate.

Then again, as Russia’s government is so involved with things many people from western countries find offensive, a negative reaction to Russia and its contestants is somewhat understandable. Not acceptable, at least not in my eyes, as I don’t think politics should be part of a singing competition like Eurovision, or that artists should be subjected to hate because of something their government has done, but it is understandable to some extent.

That being said, I do hope Polina Gagarina gets much better treatment at Eurovision 2015 than her counterparts, The Tolmachevy Sisters, did last year in Copenhagen. Her song is beautiful and, from what I know about Polina Gagarina, I’m sure her stage performance will be exquisite.

After all, people, it’s a singing competition. And you cannot complain about the treatment Conchita Wurst got before last year’s Eurovision, if you then turn around and do the same thing to Polina.

Meanwhile, listen to Polina’s ‘A Million Voices‘ in the video below. Isn’t that just beautiful?

Update – May 24th, 2015 – And don’t miss Conchita Wurst defending Polina Gagarina from being booed at during the Eurovision 2015 grand final.

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