Polly Scattergood’s ‘Miss You’ is Genius – Repeat Rotation Video

polly scatterwood

I’m in a listening-to-female-singers-who-don’t-get-the-airplay-they-should mood today. One of these is the British indie pop singer Polly Scattergood, whose song ‘Miss You‘ I’m listening to as my Repeat Rotation Video because it is, frankly, genius.

Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank called Scattergood ‘the Kate Bush of the 21st century’, which is easy to see why when you listen to songs like ‘Miss You’, as it’s fragile, ethereal and full of pain and angst. And did I say……genius?

As for Polly Scattergood herself, she has two studio albums out so far, has played a slew of concerts around the UK, and while she still wants to continue singing and recording her own music, says she would love to get into writing music for TV and films. And, no, she doesn’t get anywhere near the air play she should.

The video for Scattergood’s ‘Miss You‘ was recorded in London early last year, where she said of it, “This video was recorded one night in a friends living room in Green Lanes North London, it is a very raw song, probably one of the hardest to sing on the album, we just wanted to capture the moment in its purest form“.

I’d say she certainly managed that, as it’s beautiful, both musically and lyrically:

“As painful as your tears fall, they seem to fall a lot
I’m drowning in your sadness in this room that you forgot
You forgot to say you love me, you were cold and unprepared
You forgot to say you’re sorry, you were sad and you were scared
I was waiting for a phone call, I was waiting for a sign
I was waiting for somebody to tell me that I was fine”

Brilliant, isn’t it? The girl left behind who knows, while she misses the person who left her, it was always all about them and never about her and, thus, she deserves someone better.

Miss You‘ is from Scattergood’s second studio album Arrows, available on iTunes. Listen to it below.

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