Pre-Eurovision Win Conchita Wurst Interview: Delightful and So Personal (MP3)


In my digging around the internet for ‘everything Conchita Wurst‘, I occasionally come across older Conchita interviews I haven’t seen or heard before. One such interview I discovered today is a little known one from the Netherlands’ Eurovision Radio International.

Recorded just a few weeks before Eurovision 2014 at Eurofest, it’s just Conchita Wurst and the interviewer, and it’s delightful.

Conchita talks about what it was like at her Amsterdam show, where she received so much applause and support from the audience she was almost in tears at the end of her performance.

She also tells the interviewer about buying wigs in London (the blonde one wasn’t a planned purchase), how parts of her official Eurovision video have the feel of the movie ‘American Beauty’ (I knew it reminded me of something), and which songs she likes the most from Eurovision 2014.

You will even hear her mention a couple of songs she absolutely loves, one of which I was not remotely familiar with but, after a listen, I agree with her.

And don’t miss the official recordings of the tracks ‘That’s What I Am‘, and ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ either.

You will find the Eurovision Radio International interview with Conchita Wurst here. It begins around the 30-minute mark.


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