Prides ‘Higher Love’ – Smashing Synthpop Song You’ll Want to Sing Along To (Video)

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Scottish synthpop band Prides have a new single out and it’s awesome. It’s called ‘Higher Love‘, and is a fun, catchy song that makes you want to dance and that you’d love singing along to if you were at one of their concerts. Which, apparently, is what the Prides boys want you to do with this one.

The video for the Prides ‘Higher Love‘ is also fabulous, as it’s so not predictable. In it, the lads are in a Scottish bingo hall and are the ‘interval act’, playing to a bunch of bored pensioners. Of course, once they get going with the loud and funĀ ‘Higher Love‘, you’d expect the old fogies to suddenly be up and bopping around. Nope. In fact, by the end of the song, some of them are even asleep.

And then we hear the bingo hall announcer saying “Aye, that’ll do boys. Just the one song then”. Died.

Prides, by the way, are one of the bands to look out for in 2015. Completely underrated, and with the most fabulous music, ‘Higher Love‘ is just one of many many more awesome songs we’ll be seeing from them, I’d venture a guess.

Meanwhile, you can listen to this one below and thenĀ grab it on iTunes.


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