Queen of Masks Ep 16 finale earns HIGHEST rating ever

While the South Korean drama Queen of Masks does not seem to have been particularly well-watched outside Korea, inside the country the drama ended last night with its highest nationwide rating ever.

Those Queen of Masks, Episode 16 ratings via Nielsen Korea were 3.34 percent of the audience share nationwide, which was a jump of 1.06 percent over the drama’s previous episode.

In Seoul, the drama’s audience share jumped at around the same rate from the previous episode’s 2.19 percent to last night’s 3.23 percent. An increase of 1.04 percent, and a nice note for the Channel A drama to end its 16-episode run on.

The average rating for the drama nationwide is now 2.54 percent per episode for its entire run.

A decent average for a drama airing on a pay-to-view cable TV network.

International viewers of Queen of Masks

Even though the Channel A drama has been available to watch via Viki outside South Korea, the crime thriller has not seemed to find a particularly large audience share.

International viewers on My Drama List have also rated Queen of Masks with a 7.4 out of 10 rating — a low rating for even that website — and with those who have watched all 16 episodes still only rating it an average of 7.54 out of 10.

Complaints about the plot were primarily about the lack of character development of every main character, and the stupidity of the decisions just about all the main female characters made throughout the drama.

Similar comments can be found from viewers on Viki, where the drama is still earning a much higher 8.7 out of 10 rating.

Some viewers, however, rated the drama much higher commenting how much they enjoyed the plot twists that they felt were written so well they were completely unexpected when they occurred.

Others applauded the performances of all four female leads.

In other words, audience consensus on Queen of Masks seems to be mixed, which likely means enjoying or disliking the drama is more down to personal taste than to the plot.

Queen of Masks stars Kim Sun Ah, Oh Yoon Ah, Shin Eun Jung, and Yoo Sun. You can watch all 16 episodes of the drama now on Viki.


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