Queens of the Stone Age KCRW performance of ‘The Evil Has Landed’ is sprawling, psychedelic and cool

Queens of the Stone Age KCRW performance of ‘The Evil Has Landed‘ is sprawling, psychedelic and quite a bit glam

If you happened to be up and listening to the Santa Monica radio station KCRW on Thursday, and to the fabulous NPR show Morning Becomes Eclectic, you would have heard a stellar live performance by rock band Queens of the Stone Age.

And, in particular, this song ‘The Evil Has Landed‘.

Because this massive track, with its almost psychedelic guitars, hammering drum beats and Josh Homme singing that meandering sprawl of a melody, while mixed horribly by the audio engineers at KCRW, is one of the coolest tracks from their latest album Villains. Particularly with that glam groove.

And man, was it nice to see them play it live.

Especially because the lads proved on KCRW this week the energy that is on the album is just as present live.

Watch Queens of the Stone Age do ‘The Evil Has Landed‘ more than a little bit of justice in the video below. You can watch and listen to the band’s entire performance  at the KCRW website.

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