Quilt’s ‘Mary Mountain’ Sounds Like the 60s: Repeat Rotation Video

quilt mary mountain

Quilt are an indie band I discovered a while ago while browsing the indie record label Mexican Summer’s YouTube channel. Their music is a cool mix of folk, psychedelica and pop, it’s unlike most music out there, and it’s very fun to listen to.

That’s why I’ve been playing Quilt’s ‘Mary Mountain‘ for my Repeat Rotation Video today. It’s from their ‘Held in Splendor’ album, and is such an amazing 60s sounding track, and with amazing guitar, I loved it the first time I heard it.

The video too is a blast to watch. It was filmed while the band were on a tour of the US Southwest, and is as psychedelic as it gets.

If you like what you hear on this Quilt track, you can buy Quilt’s EPs and albums on Mexican Summer’s website, including ‘Held in Splendor’.

Please do. They’re as indie as it gets, so will always appreciate a new fan and a new purchase.


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