Radiohead releases full concert video from Osheaga, Montreal on July 31, 2016

Radiohead releases full concert video from Osheaga, Montreal on July 31, 2016

The indie rock band Radiohead recently started uploading full concerts to their YouTube channel. Concerts the band obviously feels are some of their best. Although, honestly, when isn’t a Radiohead concert brilliant?

Radiohead’s latest full concert upload is one that went up this morning — their Osheaga, Montreal concert on 31st July, 2016, and a two-hour concert that included a superb set list and two exceptional encores.

Radiohead’s set list from Osheaga, Montreal?

A 16-song set, followed by two encores — with seven additional songs.

The live performance included Daydreaming, Nude, Bloom, The Gloaming, There There, Paranoid Android, Karma Police and ended at the second encore with Creep.

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Here is Radiohead’s full set list  for Osheaga, Montreal with video start times that will take you direct to that spot in the video if you want to skip to any particular song.

Let’s just say, live concerts don’t get much better than this.

Radiohead concert Osheaga, Montreal, 31st July, 2016 set list

00:00 – Burn the Witch (Jeez Thom)

4:00 – Daydreaming

10:17 Ful Stop

16:18 – 2+2=5

19:39 – Bodysnatchers

24:10 – Nude

29:00 – Reckoner

34:50 – Pyramid Song

39:59 – Bloom

46:25 – Identikit

51:45 – The Numbers

57:20 – The Gloaming

1:01:58 – Feral

1:05:15 – Weird Fishes/arpeggi

1:10:55 – Everything In Its Right Place /Idioteque

1:20:15 – There There

Encore 1

1:27:05 – Let Down

1:32:10 – Present Tense

1:37:59 – Paranoid Android

1:44:45 – Exit Music (For a Film)

1:49:20 – Karma Police

Encore 2

1:55:34 – Lotus Flower

2:01:15 – Creep

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