Rapper Jon James killed in airplane stunt while filming music video

Canadian rapper Jon James killed on Saturday while filming music video

Sad news coming out of Canada this morning, where Canadian rapper Jon James was killed in an airplane stunt on Saturday while filming a music video.


The accident happened as the 34-year-old rapper was walking out onto the wing of Cessna as it was in flight.  According to the pilot, he walked too far out onto the wing, and his weight sent the plane into a tail spin.

James managed to hold onto the wing while the pilot fought for control of the plane, but eventually let go. Unfortunately, at that point, he did not have enough time to pull his chute and so died on impact.

The pilot did eventually manage to regain control of the light aircraft, and landed safely a few minutes later.

And in an eerie BASE jumping and sky diving video on his YouTube channel posted a few months ago, and that foreshadowed things to come, Jon James talked about doing ‘insane stunts’ in a plane. He also showed two of the light aircraft they would be using.

His last words on the video?

“Alright, I just got the best advice I’ve ever gotten, and it was from (Cody) Matechuk. I was like “How high should I pull from with this base rate, and he’s like “I dunno.  Pull before you hit the ground. Thanks, Matechuk!”

Jon James leaves a wife and parents.

Michelle Topham