Rea Garvey ‘Oh My Love’ – Beautiful Lyrics, Catchy Beat: Repeat Rotation Video

Rea Garvey Oh My Love

I  have had Rea Garvey’sOh My Love‘ stuck in my head for days now, but it wasn’t the song that drew me in at first. As a writer, it was the song’s simple, but beautiful, lyrics.

I’m lost in sound as I lay my head
I’m a thousand miles from the home we’ve made
I heard your words as the call came through from that house of cards that I share with you

And I believe we both decide to take a stand or run and hide
And if you disagree them I’m the fool
And I always have to much to say
And lucidly I found my way
But it served me well
Coz I found you

And I won’t let go on the heart I know
I see your smile in an open door as you wait for me and my return
With my feet here on this foreign soil
You know I’d walk those thousand miles so you and I we could be oh be together now

Oh my love oh my love
Oh my love oh my love
Oh my love we could be
And oh my love am I loud enough
Can you hear me where you are
And oh my love am I loud enough
Can you hear me where you are

And then, the melody, the way the song makes me want to dance, and the incredibly beautiful video grabbed me and now……..Rea Garvey’s ‘Oh My Love‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today.

Garvey, by the way, is just about to kickoff a new European tour in January, 2015, with concert dates in Hannover, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna, Munich, and various other cities. Some concerts have already sold out, however, so if you want tickets you had better grab them fast.

Meanwhile, listen to Rea Garvey singing ‘Oh My Love’ for my Repeat Rotation Video today. Just be sure to watch the video as well as listen, as it really is beautifully filmed.

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