Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Go Robot’ Video Has Anthony Kiedis Wearing Nothing But a Codpiece


If you wanted to see a little bit more of Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers, watch the band’s official music video for their new single ‘Go Robot‘, and your wish has been answered.

That’s because the video has Kiedis wearing nothing but a codpiece, a bowler hat, and white body paint and strutting through the streets of New York City.

Eventually Kiedis ends up in a 70s style disco, where he meets his soul mate. A woman painted just the way he is. Take from the video what you will, because I’m not sure I understand it.

Go Robot’ is from the Chili Peppers’ new album The Getaway.

The video was directed by Tota Lee and, according to a press release, “was inspired by and recreates classic scenes from Saturday Night Fever and features the exact same locations used in the film.”

Watch it below.

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