Remember Crowded House’s melancholic ‘Not The Girl You Think You Are’? It’s my Repeat Rotation Video today

Listen to Crowded House’s melancholic ‘Not The Girl You Think You Are’ as your Repeat Rotation Video today

Remember that wonderful Crowded House track ‘Not The Girl You Think You Are‘? Well, the song’s original music video has resurfaced today on singer songwriter Neil Finn’s YouTube channel, and it is just as sweet and melancholic of a song as it was when it was first released back in 1996 on the band’s greatest hits album Recurring Dream.

Neil Finn, of course, is one of the founding members of Crowded House, and is obviously feeling a little nostalgic this week as, all of a sudden, 27 vintage music videos were uploaded to his channel this morning.

Videos from all of his music projects, starting with Split Enz, and moving onto Crowded House, then his duo The Finn Brothers with his brother Tim, and finally his solo career.

And I have given a few of them a listen to as I’m feeling a bit nostalgic myself, but it was ‘Not The Girl You Think You Are‘ that stuck in my head, and made me want to listen to it as my Repeat Rotation Video today.

Because it is a song that is very Beatle-esque in sound, a sound Neil Finn admitted he had gone for when he wrote the song, as well as one that has a lovely insistent guitar and an incredibly sad feel about it.

Appropriate when you look back at the band’s history after its release, as the song was the third single from Recurring Dream, and was recorded right before the original Crowded House broke up for good.

Listen to and watch the Crowded House song ‘Not The Girl You Think You Are‘ in the official music video below. A music video, by the way, that was nominated for Best Music Video at the ARIA Music Awards in 1997. Yes, the song is melancholic, but still so very touching, addictive and lovely.

And, as it is a Repeat Rotation Video, listen to it on headphones, as loud as it will go and, as always…dancing.

You can find more music from Neil Finn and his many music projects on his website. And find a huge number of Repeat Rotation Videos here.

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