Remember When The Sandmen Attacked in Doctor Who’s ‘Sleep No More’? Watch It Again (Video)

doctor who sleep no more

The BBC’s Doctor Who YouTube channel has been uploading whole scenes from past episodes of the iconic British sci-fi series in the last few months. Scenes that, if you’re as big of a Doctor Who fan as I am, you could watch them over and over again.

Remember when the Sandmen attacked on the Doctor Who episode Sleep No More‘, when The Doctor and Clara end up on a 38th century space station where the entire crew has gone missing? The only people on the station? A four-person rescue team, and dust monsters that are out to kill them. And the gravity shields are failing.

That’s the latest Doctor Who scene to be uploaded to YouTube, and it’s that one where one of the crew is desperate to get into a safe area, but the space station’s computer won’t let him in until he sings enough of the song ‘Mr. Sandman‘ to satisfy her.

Bloody computers, eh?

Watch it below.

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