Revenant Ep 12 earns HIGHEST RATING of series as FINAL episode airs

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South Korean horror drama Revenant, Episode 12 aired on SBS TV in South Korea last night and earned the highest rating of the entire 12-episode series.

The latest figures via Nielsen Korea show Revenant, Episode 12 earned 11.2 percent of the audience share nationwide, which was up from the previous episode’s 10.3 percent share.

In Seoul, Revenant, Episode 12 earned an even higher 12.0 percent share, which was up from its 10.8 percent for Episode 11.

Both ratings placed the drama in second place for the night in both regions.

Revenant and international viewers

International viewers rating and talking about Revenant on My Drama List have also rated the horror drama with a very high 8.6 out of 10.

Comments range from how much viewers enjoyed the drama, to the excellent pacing of the plot, the exceptional performances of Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se and Hong Kyung, and the technical aspects and special effects being superb.

One viewer commented:

This was so so good. I waited for more than a year for this drama and week after week, it delivered.

While another said:

This drama was so good! It’s right there with The Guest as the best horror media Korea has ever produced. These two REALLY focus on the horror and thriller. Most horror K-dramas give way too much screen time to romance or comedy, or dive too much into the fantasy aspect, taking away from the spooky factor.

Kim Taeri was amazing in this; girl really used those vocal cords. She did a spectacular job showing us Sanyoung’s emotions and the turmoil she was in.

Oh Jungse is that actor that you accidentally find in a lot of dramas that you happen to watch; it happens so many times that you eventually start to have affection for him and his characters.

Revenant stars Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se and Hong Kyung, with all 12 episodes now streaming outside South Korea via Disney Plus.


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