Rita Ora Says She’s Happy With Release Date For New Album (Video)

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British singer Rita Ora was at the iHeartRadio Music Fest 2015 this weekend where she talked to Billboard about her new album. It’s the first album Ora has released in the US, so she says she’s super psyched to be doing that.

With some fans having complained it has taken Ora a long time to release another album since her debut came out in 2012, Rita recently said she honestly couldn’t care less what people say about her as she just doesn’t pay attention to chatter on the Internet anymore.

As for her new album, Ora is actually very happy with the timing of this one. She said she was musically figuring herself out over the last couple of years, and that she now feels this album is the “most honest” it could be, so it’s the perfect time to release it.

The album, of course, includes her new hit single ‘Body On Me.

It’s not just music Rita Ora is involved in either. She’s also back with the 50 Shades of Grey franchise playing the part of Mia Grey again in the sequel to the blockbuster film. Although it will be a while until we see her, as the second film in the trilogy won’t hit movie theaters until 2017.

Watch Rita Ora at the iHeartRadio Music Fest 2015 in the video below. Yep, she sounds delighted about her upcoming new release.

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