Rita Ora’s BBC Radio One Live Lounge appearance sadly not her best performance

British singer Rita Ora gave a live performance of her latest single ‘Let You Love Me‘ in the BBC Radio One Live Lounge this week, along with a cover of Charlie Puth’s hit song ‘Attention‘.

And interestingly, although Rita Ora is normally absolutely superb live, she seemed to be having an off day here.

After all, not only was her usually stunning ‘Let You Love Me‘ a little bit lifeless in places, her cover of ‘Attention‘ really needed some help.

Off key right from the beginning, Ora managed to pull it back into shape a little bit for the chorus, but her attempt disintegrated again in the latter part of the song as she gave it a twist that went a bit haywire.

A pity, but the whole song got away from her throughout and even seemed to make her breathless in places.

All in all, while it was lovely to see Rita back in the BBC Radio One Live Lounge again, and she was as stunning as always, Charlie Puth’s ‘Attention‘ was not a good choice for her, and this was not her best performance.

Watch Rita Ora’s performances of both ‘Attention‘ and ‘Let You Love Me’ in the BBC Radio One Live Lounge in the videos below to see what I mean.

On a brighter note, however, Ora has also released another single from her upcoming sophomore album Phoenix today.

The track is called Cashmere, and features multi-layered melodies that are just gorgeous. You can listen to that song below in the official audio as well.

Rita Ora’s Phoenix will be released on November 23rd and, from what we have heard so far, it is looking like it could be a well-deserved huge hit for her.

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